Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art by Grace Slick:

Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall….
Humpty Dumpty Had a GREAT Fall…

And I heard them say:
Cry loud spare not...
Innocent or Guilt
Don't Refrain
Lessons are to be Gained
Pedestals sometimes Break,
Humpty Dumpty shared this fate
And all the Kings’ men… are subject to Sin.

My Thought for the Day Copyright © 2010

Sometimes we stumble;
Sometimes faith is betrayed;
Sometimes the mistakes we make
are the stones it takes, to build a pathway to the person we will be. Remember we are ever becoming.
(January 08, 2010)

Wisdom is the prerequisite of perfecting love,
Truth is the prerequisite of revealed wisdom,
If there is no truth, there is no perfecting love.
Seek truth, wisdom and love will follow.
(January 10, 2010)

"When I fall, whether I be friend or foe, stretch forth, help me, dust me off, and send me on my way in love." Yes, Love... The action that surpasses all understanding... The force, that creates forgiveness, in the mist of derision. The virtue, that gives all fallen souls the ability to journey on... and to the sender (the forgiver who's been wronged) the ability to heal, and also grow on.
(January 11, 2010)

Every Today was once a Tomorrow,
Every Tomorrow will become Today…
What will you do Today, to influence your Tomorrow?
(January 18, 2010)

Turn down the thermostat! Stop expelling valuable energy! Winterize your heart! Insulate the warmth of your spirit, and conserve yourself (your being) for those who acknowledge your wroth.
(January 23, 2010)

My thought for today is a reflection of something my mother always said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and well meaning people, who never got around to proving the thoughts of their heart". (February 6, 2010)

The grass always looks greener on the other side, but don’t climb the fence, the dog bites, the cat scratches, and the owner is a jack ass.
(February 7, 2010)

I would hate to wander through the desert of hope, hungry, only to find the fig tree barren.
(February 10, 2010)

What is adequate for one can be inadequate for another, time reveals what is. (February 17, 2010)

We are all more than we believe, if we merely believe.
(February 26, 2010)

To be unpredictable, for some is a challenge of intellect.
To be conventional, for some is deifying creativity.
To be absolutely unique, is a freedom we all seek, at various levels. (February 27, 2010)

We view photo's, we read blogs and status', we agree or disagree, we like or dislike, we study, examine and respond, based on our perceptions of what we believe is communicated and revealed, What you see is not always what you get.
There are times we should use our prudent minds, to take another look, there could be more than what meets the eye.
(March 7, 2010)

Things don't always End Well,
Yet its well they ended.
(March 17, 2010)

Women, we are always told, we talk to much, so men created Facebook, Texting & Twitter, to teach us to be direct and to the point. Please say it in 140 - 420 characters or less…
(March 18, 2010)

S H I N E !!! Even in your darkness shine.
Those who need your light will see it. S H I N E!!!
(March 20, 2010)

Selfishness will tax any relationship, and chronic selflessness taxes the individual.
(March 27, 2010)

Many of us read to locate, take note of, or memorize, that which has been taught unto us. Some of us study to gather information of that which is written, and has been taught unto us, with no intention of questioning its validity.
Others of us locate, take note of, memorize, gather information and are able to rightly divide the written and spoken word, which has been taught unto us, and there confirming or denying its validity. Wisdom is seeking beyond what is taught or understood, to affirm truth.
(March 29, 2010)

We are taught in childhood, not to question, our parents, our elders, and those deemed to have religious authority over us... We are not to lean to our own understandings, and if we find ourselves of another opinion, we are told it is the devil. Therefore withstanding our failure, our unwillingness, our fear to question, that which is questionable, we adhere to a belief passed down but never scrutinize by those we looked to for guidance. We pledge servitude to a belief we ourselves struggle to comprehend, and in so doing, we vaguely acknowledge the God-ness, the creative force within ourselves… (Greater is he that is within U than he that is in the world. (The world meaning, outside of U.)
(March 30, 2010)

Misery loves company, and hurt people hurt people. If folks fail to take the time needed to heal, they will always repeat the cycle of pain. I have found love means different things to different folks, so we must find our definition of love, and apply it as we await the arrival of that mate, whom shares the same definition of love as ourselves.
“Can two walk together, except they agree" Amos 3:3
(March 31, 2010)

Normal isn't fun....
Sanity has no adventure... and when U go crazy,
there are no valid excuses... I'm staying crazy...
(April 24, 2010)

Not every Hello is permanent,
and not every Goodbye forever...
time is the common denominator.
(April 29, 2010)

Allergies are like sucker punches,
there aren't any warnings,
and you're never prepared....
(May 3, 2010)

There must be balance… as you will learn;
your success is no more superior than your greatest failure.
(May 4, 2010)

Reggie Arnold THOUGHT: you have to love some people from a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng distance. Help yourself before you extend too far, there may not be enough rope left..
(May 8, 2010)

God always places the answer within us...
We must be still enough to hear, and wise enough to listen....
(May 18, 2010)

soap & water don't make U clean..
it just makes U washed...
so watch U'r deeds...
(May 27, 2010)

Love at first, second or third sight is possible.
For U determine the love u will give...
U determine the barriers or limitations U will set.
We don't love because we think others will love us,
We love because we so desire to do so,
Despite whether we are loved in return.
Love at first sight simply means I choose to love this person despite their willingness or lack thereof to love me back...
I will love without seeking a return...
I Love u because I can.
(June 28, 2010)

All Life's lessons can't be learned in a day,
so slow down and pace yourself,
it's not that kind of race. ~Sista
(July 27, 2010)

It would seems at some point we should graduate
from believing to knowing...
Are U ready for your cap and gown?
(July 27, 2010)

Wine is a necessity... for relaxing conversation... :)
(July 29, 2010)

One should not work to maintain faith,
If you’re working, you are working in fear,
For faith and knowing, just is.
Copyright © Kim Daniel
(July 30, 2010)

If you’re giving to get,
You’re not giving, you’re lending.
(August 10, 2010)

Baby stepping to my forward motion....
Hope the train don't leave the station fo' I get there...
(August 18, 2010)

One of the most amazing encounters is watching my thoughts manifest before my eyes...
I am grateful
(September 3, 2010)

Rummaging through the closets of my memory, I found U.
Just like old times, we laughed and smile, and joke for awhile, then the phone rang, and guest what, it was U... (September 29, 2010)

Wisdom can sometimes look crazy, and looks can sometimes be deceiving. (October 22, 2010)
resolve to LOVE Unconditionally

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